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Criminal law

One of the basic activities of an attorney-at-law is criminal law. For the affected person, who is accused of a crime, a criminal procedure can bring up serious problems: a criminal case can affect the live of the accused in many ways. Beside the fact that he'll be accused of having committed an offense, the person is confronted with sensitive interventions in personal areas of life, of which the arrest and the imposition of pre-trial detention are the most intense ones.

Criminal proceedings often have an important impact on the life of the accused. That's the reason why efficiency, diligence and trust are the basics for a good criminal defense. 

Defense attorney

The accused person has the right to call in a defender at any stage of the criminal proceedings. The essential task of an attorney as defense lawyer is to ensure that the regulations (for example: Criminal Procedure Code) are observed during the procedure. At the same time the defense lawyer has to develop a strategy with his clients for the defense. It is important to maintain realistic estimations: An acquittal can not always be obtained. In many cases "Diversion" or a fine are still better than a conditional imprisonment - not to speak of an unconditional imprisonment.

The center of the criminal proceeding is generally the main hearing before the criminal court. The composition of the court depends on the offense: most criminal trials are held before a single judge or a jury court.

Private participation

Not only the accused person takes part in criminal proceedings, also the victim has the opportunity to report any claims for damages in criminal proceedings. This is known as private participation. The advantage for the victims is that the criminal court may award him a compensation amount and then he has not to make this claim separately at the civil court. If the claim for damages in criminal proceedings can not be resolved, the criminal court refers the private parties to civil proceedings.

Very often a private participation is made in property crimes (theft, burglary, embezzlement etc.) or simple assault. They are however also possible in the area of Cybercrime (for example: stalking, hacker attack, etc). The private party may also be represented by a lawyer in criminal proceedings.

Lawyer for criminal defense

Mag. Balazs Esztegar LL.M. is available for consultation and representation of private parties in asserting their claims and as a criminal lawyer for persons who face criminal accusation. He is mainly taking cases in Cybercrime and property offenses.