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Computer Law

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Computer law and software law are two special fields of law from the wide spectrum of IT law, where it is not always possible to draw a clear dividing line unambiguously. In general it is about contractual claims derived from an IT contract. Such contracts may be of totally different natures, and they may consist in the programming of software or the installation of a network for electronic data processing.

Should you deal e.g. with warranty for the defects of a software or with losses caused by faulty electronic data processing, it is unavoidable that also the authorised attorney at law should be familiar with the field of IT and dispose ideally over more than merely user’s proficiency in electronic data processing, in order to input the necessary expertise regarding the subject of dispute.

However, in the field of IT more harmony is also possible e.g. if it is about the drafting or audit of an IT project agreement. The IT agreements offer a broad field of activities and they require some technological know-how from the attorney at law as drafter of the contract.