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Last Will

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The last will and testament allows the testator to leave his fortune to a specific person and thus to introduce him or her as heir. Unlike as in the codicil in the testament the testator does not only leave certain individual assets to the bereaved, he also establishes a certain person as his or her heir. The heir is a person who succeeds the testator as full legal successor in all his pecuniary positions.

Wills should be well considered, for they are able to change the legal succession. That is why the law requires specific formal requirement for the last will. If these formal requirements for a will not be met, the testament has to be considered invalid, which in turn can have a significant influence on the succession.

It must also be considered when writing a last will that this document may remain in force for years, even decades and often in the meantime the family and other ties, but also the financial position of the testator may change considerably. It is also recommended to register the last will in the Central Register of Wills.

Mag. Balazs Esztegar LL.M. advises you on the possibilities and consequences of legal succession and as an attorney-at-law he is able to write down your last will for you and takes over the registration and custody of your testamentary disposition.